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The shop opens onto a food terrace on the second level of the Bregman + Hamann and Edward Durell Stone designed building. iQ Food Co. is on the west side with 440 square feet. It has a counter along the lease line which is a massive and monolithic white concrete surface. Beside it, a 100 square foot area is devoted to Greenhouse Juice Co. and provides customers with a space to walk into the shop.

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Greenhouse Juice Co.’s display refrigerator was integrated into a larger piece of millwork which flanks the north and east walls of the shop. The millwork houses storage cabinets and a POS inside of a 2” x 2” maple framework covered in expanded copper sheets. Compressors and copper condensate lines that power the fridge are visible through the copper mesh and live inside the millwork alongside greenery.

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Location / First Canadian Place Tower, Toronto
Status / Completed

Architect / Kfir Gluzberg
Client / iQ Food Co. & Green House Co.
Builder / Structure Corp.
Photographer / Scott Norsworthy