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This design works to provide an overtly fabricated natural environment that is a refuge from the cold, uninviting and relentless labyrinth of the underground shopping and retail concourses where the shop is located.

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It utilizes materials from the industrial language of commercial vegetable and fruit cultivation - mirrors, fluorescent lighting, and linear plant beds. The shop is transformed into a terrarium with a luminous glow within a triangular space. The structure and terraria are assembled in a modular way that can easily be disassembled and relocated.

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The mirrored volume is meant to create microcosms of the shop itself - self contained, mirrored, endless, and perspectival illusions to offset the dreary PATH context. The endless mirrored perspectives create a field of flora to draw PATH walkers away from the din of the footsteps into an illusionary natural environment.

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Location / Commerce Court Tower, Toronto
Status / Completed

Design Team / Kfir Gluzberg, Alberto Barattucci
Client / Green House Juice Co.
Millwork / MCM 2001 Inc
Floral / Crown Flora Studio
Photographer / Scott Norsworthy